Virtual Interactive Training

Get optimal engagement, focus, and retention during training sessions in a highly realistic social setting that encourages natural interaction and learning.


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#1 in Interactive Training

Remote work, hybrid work models, and dispersed teams are the new normal. Increase the effectiveness of your virtual training efforts by giving trainees a thorough experience on a platform built for building relationships. Our unique, patent-pending Social PresenceTM technology replicates the real-life atmosphere of interactive training. 

Virtual training activities


Team Introductions

Security Briefings

Monthly Refresh

Training Leaders Move Freely Between Groups

With Preciate's unique Social Presence technology, everyone in the room can move around as they would in real life. While trainees can be easily organized into groups around the room, the leaders can navigate between groups as desired. The ultimate combination of freedom and control. 

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Flexible Presentation Mode for Ideal Engagement 

Whether you need to share your screen or put multiple people into a presentation, Preciate Social is built for you. Get information across with ease and achieve increased engagement, focus, and retention from the participants. 

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Ready to see the future of virtual training?

Join our always-open live demo room to see Preciate Social for yourself and explore a virtual room in a platform built for creating stronger, deeper relationships.


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