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Remote Sales and Customer Relations

Show customers they are special, strengthen your relationships with them, and sell more -- all while saving time and money.


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#1 for Increasing Sales Remotely

No matter where your customers are located, it's important to develop and maintain strong relationships. With Preciate Social, sales people can connect with buyers in social events, gather key intelligence, and save money on travel expenses.

Remote sales activities

Efficient Group Selling

Sales Kickoffs and Clubs

Prospecting Events

Customer Entertainment


Impress Customers with Presenters and Performers

Whether it's a comedian or musician, live performances are a great way to show your customers how much they mean to you. Preciate Social provides a unique live performance atmosphere where guests can move around and talk with one another freely. They can even chat with the speaker, making the event truly memorable.

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Get Executives in Front of Clients Conveniently

Preciate Social is the virtual socializing platform that was designed with relationship building at the forefront of every decision. When executives don't have to travel, they can easily swing by your sales event, say hi to customers, and then get back to work. 

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