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Preciate Social is the #1 choice for hosting dynamic, interactive meetings and events. Innovative team leaders, event planners, and marketers choose Preciate because of our unwavering commitment to delivering delightful experiences.

How do we do it? First, we are dedicated to helping people build stronger relationships, which means we put a unique human spin on meetings and events. Second, we stay focused on what you want in a platform: innovation, simplicity, personalization, reliability, and fanatical support.

Why Trust Preciate Social?

1. Innovation

Patent-pending Social PresenceTM technology creates the most realistic social experience for meetings and virtual events. Movement and mingling surprise and delight guests with the social agency they normally get only from in-person interactions.

Our team of creative designers and engineers are constantly upgrading the Preciate Social platform to meet and exceed your needs. Whether it’s a functional tool like screen sharing or a fun feature like our industry-first photo-booth, you can count on Preciate Social to keep moving you (and your guest experience) forward.

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2. Simplicity

Hosting a great meeting or event does not have to be complicated. We make it easy with the largest selection of ready-to-go themes, music playlists, activities, and agendas.

For guests, joining a Preciate Social room is simple. Just paste the room link into your calendar or email invitation, and a simple click gets you in.

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3. Personalization

Unlike rigid, legacy video conferencing tools, Preciate Social enables the full range of creative controls for meeting planners and event designers. Customize the background, add your logo, name your room, and choose the features you want guests to access.

Pick a playlist that fits your needs: Jazz, Rock, Country, Latin Hits, Pop, and more.

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4. Reliability 

Preciate Social is built by a team of experienced professionals and expert engineers. We are GDPR compliant, committed to security, and proven to protect your privacy.

Our global server infrastructure is located across eight countries and every major continent.

We listen carefully to user feedback and constantly improve Preciate Social to make it a platform you can depend on for your most important meetings and events.

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5. Fanatical Support

We understand that, when you are hosting an event or meeting, it’s important that everything should work perfectly. To ensure it does, our team of customer success professionals is ready to help you. Whether it’s a rapid response to a guest issue, or a proactive suggestion for an agenda and activities, we have your back.

For large events and VIP meetings, we offer live event support to smooth guest entry and address individual user questions.

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