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Preciate Social Gives Away Free Virtual Holiday Parties!

Enter to win unlimited virtual holiday parties with your organization. 

Preciate Social is a platform designed to enable businesses and teams to foster and grow workplace comradery by enabling virtual mixers and business socials. We are thrilled to be giving away 100 free holiday party subscriptions to nonprofits, healthcare and other frontline workers, educators, purpose-driven tech companies and other organizations looking to bring employees together for some holiday fun and well-deserved socializing.

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Discover the Preciate Social Difference

Within these 100 virtual holiday party subscriptions, everyone will experience the three Ms of great socializing: music, mingling and making conversation. Powered by Preciate Social’s pioneering social presenceTM technology, winners will be given a package that includes all the features below, and more.


preciate social - new years

Unlimited Virtual Holiday Parties from Halloween through New Years

Recipients may host as many virtual parties as they want, bringing the joy of the holiday season to every deserving employee and stakeholder.

Social Presence Technology

Unlike other technology that only allows one person to talk at a time, Preciate Social allows multiple conversations to take place simultaneously, just like they would at a business party or social in real life. 

Music Customization

Customize the music selection via fully licensed premium music channels including holiday tunes, 80s, fresh (pop) and indie hits. Businesses also have the option to hire a live performer to make their event even more special.

Unique Holiday Background Themes

Winners can choose one of five holiday background themes to customize their event, including Halloween, Fall and Holiday themes

No Time Limit

on any of the socials. Typically, free Socials are limited to 40 minutes with 20 participants per Social.

Built-In Icebreakers

Preciate Social’s Convos feature provides built-in ice breakers to help get the conversation started. These consist of question prompts in three categories: 1) Just for Fun 2) Discovery and 3) In the Workplace.

Recognize Employees and Give Kudos

Preciate Social provides recognition tools that allow users to acknowledge and publicly celebrate employees’ great work.

Socialize Freely with Completely Private Conversations

To ensure a completely safe and private place for businesses and teams to socialize, Preciate Social does not include any recording options and does not share private information with other organizations.


Themes for Every Occasion

Use one of our awesome 3D backgrounds to celebrate the holiday season the right way. Even though most of us can't be together in person, Preciate Social provides a way for you to build stronger relationships no matter where your people are located. 

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