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Preciate Video Library

You can watch videos here, or you can head over to our YouTube channel.

These videos range from detailed tutorials to product overviews. We hope you find something that helps you use Preciate in a new way.


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Want to get a good sense of Preciate and our product offerings? Start by watching these two videos.

What is Preciate Recognition? 

With Preciate, you can get the most out of an employee recognition platform. Increase engagement, improve performance, and attract better talent

What is Preciate Social?

Learn about Preciate's latest product release, Preciate Social. It's a totally new way to socialize online that you will keep coming back to.

What is Preciate Recognition?


How to Give Recognition on the Web
How to Add Connections on the Web
How to Give Group Recognition


How to Manage My Preciate Portrait

Preciate Social Overview

What is Preciate Social?


How to Use Preciate's Recognition App for Slack


How to Use Preciate's Recognition App for Microsoft Teams
How to Sign Up & Give Recognition with Preciate's MSTeams Application

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