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Integrate recognition to your Slack workspace with Preciate Recognition.

Give and receive peer-to-peer recognition, all from the convenience of Slack. 



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Ready to engage and motivate your team with recognition?

Stronger relationships at work (and beyond) have been shown to increase engagement and improve performance. Whether your team works remotely or is always in the office, form authentic connections from anywhere with personalized recognition.

Give and receive in-the-moment recognition to strengthen your team’s bonds. Expand beyond company boundaries and include partners, contractors, customers, and more. Then, compile recognitions and showcase team culture on a web-based profile page. Use in conjunction with all other Preciate Recognition applications. Note: Preciate's virtual events and meetings platform is not available in the Slack application at this time.


Add to Slack


Sign Up with Slack

Sign up for a Preciate account or log in to an existing account directly from Slack. Convenient for teams and companies who want to save time while reaping the benefits of recognition.

Works with Preciate Platform

Recognitions given and received on Slack are automatically synced with everywhere else your team or company uses Preciate. View on mobile and web apps.

Advanced Functionality Available

Additional features are available for companies or team leaders who want access to things like custom badges, core value stickers, and more.


Appreciate teammates from the convenience of Slack

give recognition with Preciate on Slack

See strengths with corresponding recognition badges

Custom recognition badges are available with Preciate Premium.

Preciate badges in Slack app

Have fun adding stickers

Custom core value stickers are available with our Premium offering.

Gift stickers in Preciate Slack app

Create a live feed of recognition of all the good being done

Preciate recognition feed in Slack channel

Getting Started

Here's an overview of Preciate's Slack integration and how to use it. You can also reference the video and other resources below.

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Step One

Sign up or log in directly from Slack.

Type /preciate in the message bar to give recognition to team members in your workspace.

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Step Two

/preciate pulls up a modal where you can choose a team member and a badge to recognize.

Then, submit the recognition to create a live feed of good being done

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Step Three

Stickers can be added to recognitions in Slack using the overflow buttons on every recognition message.

Recipients can also say thanks to their recognition directly from the Slack channel.

Watch this video to learn how to use Preciate Recognition for Slack.

Preciate's peer-to-peer recognition app for Slack is one of the most robust recognition integration offerings in the Slack app marketplace. 

Do everything from...

  • Sign up or sign in with Slack

  • Use simple bot commands to give recognition

  • Create a personalized recognition with a corresponding badge

  • Recipients say thanks within the channel

  • Anyone in the channel can click "Agree" to validate the recognition

  • Add fun stickers using the overflow menu on each recognition


More Resources to Help

Check out our Help Center for a more detailed look at setting up and using Preciate's Slack integration. 



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