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Safety and Security

Learn how Preciate handles the privacy of our users and client companies.

Trust is Fundamental to Preciate's Purpose

Preciate's core purpose is helping others build stronger, more authentic relationships. As a Certified B Corporation, we are committed to making our purpose a real benefit for our users and customers.That includes maintaining your privacy and ultimately, trust.. 

Right at the top of our Articles of Incorporation is written Preciate's purpose:

"The public benefit purpose of the Corporation is to help people initiate and develop stronger, deeper, and more meaningful relationships in their lives."

Nothing is more important to relationships than trust and feeling safe and secure when communicating. We take our stewardship of your relationships seriously, and we have made that our company's number one priority.



Information Security

We leverage leading infrastructure vendors, operate using best practices, conduct recurring training, and subject our systems to third-party scans and analysis.

Disaster Recovery

We utilize the world's #1 provider for hosting, data protection, and scalability. We back that up with processes, training, and constant improvement.


We are GDPR compliant and follow all privacy laws and regulations. We also meet standards for government vendors for accessibility.


Security Governance and Training

Preciate aligns to CIS® Standards. The CIS Controls® and CIS Benchmarks™ are the global standard and recognized best practices for securing IT systems and data against the most pervasive attacks. 

Preciate provides security training for all employees who have access to Personally Identifiable Information or other sensitive information. Training includes:

  • Dissemination of relevant CIS Benchmarks and Guidelines

  • Analysis of gaps and scheduling remediation

  • Review of results of CIS-CAT scans

  • Self-led training on infrastructure tooling

  • Scenario training with emphasis on data breaches

CIS center for internet security logo

Technical Controls

Preciate systems have been penetration tested/ethically hacked by a third party to identify vulnerabilities. We utilize industry-leading tools, which provide regular penetration testing and systems evaluation. 

Preciate leverages vendors who are subject to comprehensive assessments of security risks.

  • Our credit card processor is an industry leader and is PCI-DSS Compliant.

  • Our infrastructure, productivity, and customer data management systems are provided by industry leaders with a multitude of security assessments, including SOC2 and ISO 27001

Copies of security assessment certificates as well as our own security review is available upon request.

Additionally, Preciate apps are tested for security vulnerabilities and approved by the platforms on which they are available. 


Privacy Controls

Preciate gives individuals, companies, and organizations full control over their data when it comes to privacy. 

Privacy controls include:

  • Monitor and approve employees joining your company

  • Manage privacy of Portraits

  • Review recognition before it goes public 

Privacy setting for Preciate Portrait

Your Safety is Our Priority

Our security philosophy is as follows: 

  1. Minimize the data we access and store

  2. Leverage industry-leading vendors

  3. Develop a culture of transparency and trust

  4. Put human security on par with technical security

  5. Incorporate training into our management processes

  6. Follow a responsible roadmap as we grow

If you have questions and would like to schedule a security overview meeting, please fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly.


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"Before I founded Preciate, I built an eCommerce company that processed billions of dollars in credit card transactions and served 800 of the leading brands in the world. There is nothing more important to me than delivering a safe and trustworthy experience to our members."

Ed Stevens, Founder and CEO

Ed Stevens, Preciate Founder and CEO