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The virtual socializing platform for businesses and teams

Build stronger, more authentic relationships with Preciate Social, the platform designed for high-quality virtual socializing.


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Build Engagement from Anywhere


A unique and memorable communal experience

Unlike conferencing tools built solely for meetings, Preciate Social was built from the ground up to provide a fully immersive experience that replicates the atmosphere of real-life business socials and mixers.


Enjoy the world's leading platform for virtual socializing. Bring people together even when you can't be together in person.


per host, per month

Unlimited socials up to 40 minutes per social

Maximum 20 participants per social

Easy Host

Make it easy to host the best virtual socials in your company and for your team. Mingle, listen to music, and make great conversation.


per host, per month

Unlimited socials of unlimited length

Maximum 50 participants per room

Power Host

The ultimate virtual social solution for hosts with large groups, brand or personalization requirements, and a need for ultimate event support.


per host, per month

Host multiple rooms simultaneously 

Home page for multi-room events

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Introducing Preciate Social


See the difference for yourself

Preciate Social is unlike anything else that exists today. Hop into a Social by simply clicking a link. Navigate the space with your arrow keys and have different conversations throughout the Social. Listen to music or live performances together, and hear voices change in volume as you move further apart.






Enjoy music together... from anywhere!

Preciate Social introduces a new way to experience music virtually. The host can choose from our standard playlists, premium hit playlists, and live performances, and everyone can hear the same music throughout the Social. 

While enjoying the music, you can move around and mingle with the other attendees. Control the volume of your music so you can jam out or focus more on conversation.

For live performances, the performers can see all the attendees organized like a crowd. Unlike other platforms where performers get no feedback, Preciate Social allows performers and speakers to engage with the audience. 


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Easy Entry & Navigation

Join a Social by clicking a link. Take some time in the waiting room to make sure your video and audio are working correctly. Then, enter the Social and begin navigating with your computer's arrow keys. You can also use the map to see where people are located in the virtual room.

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Seamless Invitation Process

Inviting people to a Social is as easy as sharing a link with them. Copy the link and share it via email, text, calendar invite, etc.

Hosts determine privacy settings to prevent anyone from entering without the proper permissions.

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Integrated with Preciate Recognition

Without ever leaving the Social, you can give recognition to Preciate users of your choice. Teams can have social events centered around giving recognition. Take your social, relationship-building experience to the next level with the power of recognition.


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Like Being There in Person

Preciate Social uses patent-pending technology to create a social experience as close to real thing as you can get. Move around the room to participate in different conversations. The people close to you will be full volume while those on the periphery have their volume decreased. Plus, you can listen to the same music together!

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Use Cases for Preciate Social

Preciate Social is the best solution for a wide variety of potential use cases. Our clients love using Social for everything from virtual coffee breaks to remote product launch parties. Whether it's replacing a social event that can no longer be in person or is a brand new tradition at your company, Preciate Social is the platform built for businesses and teams.

Preciate Social in the News

Word has gotten out about virtual socializing, and authors around the world are writing about Preciate Social. Check out our news coverage page to see and read the various articles written about the Preciate platform.

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Helpful Resources

For a more detailed explanation of Preciate Social and how to use it, check out our Help Center. We go over everything from hosting a Social to giving recognition during a Social.

Want to host a Preciate Social?

Preciate Social is free for all users. Preciate users without a paid membership are limited to 40 minute Socials with 20 participants.

Please feel free to create Socials with your coworkers, friends, family, etc. Now is the time to connect with the people who matter most, regardless of physical distance. 

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