Preciate Social

The leading virtual socializing platform for businesses and teams

Build strong business relationships at a fraction of the cost with high-quality virtual socials, networking, and events.


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Build Stronger Relationships with Anyone, Anywhere


A unique and memorable communal experience

Unlike conferencing tools built solely for meetings, Preciate Social was built from the ground up to provide a fully immersive experience that replicates the atmosphere of real-life business socials and mixers.



Patent-pending Social PresenceTM technology makes Preciate Social the leading virtual socializing platform for businesses and teams. Mingle, make conversation, and enjoy the entertainment. Build valuable relationships with less time, less money, and less travel.






What can you do with Preciate Social?

Virtual socializing is an easy, effective way to build connections among people located anywhere. For large organizations and those with remote workers, virtual socials foster real business relationship growth without the lost time and high expense associated with travel.

Team Building

Whether it's a weekly coffee break, game night, or virtual happy hour, Preciate Social makes it more fun. Who wants to have fun in boring meeting platform? Upgrade your experience with built-in music, mingling, and more.

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Real Networking

Effective networking requires free movement and the ability to get in (and out of) conversations quickly. Preciate Social is the only virtual socializing platform that enables free movement. Work the room, make connections, and grow your business.

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Sales and Commerce

Making your customers feel special is how socializing drives new business and customer retention. Host virtual events with speakers, live music, and experiences that leave a lasting impression - with a dramatically higher ROI.

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Dynamic Meetings

Save time, money, and energy by using virtual social hours for outreach and feedback sessions. Rather than fly to every location to delivery a key message, deliver it in a similarly warm and engaging fashion, enabling group discussions and networking.

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Fundraisers & Affinity Groups

Members and donors love meeting people who share similar values. While in-person gatherings and galas are important, virtual fundraisers are an efficient way to connect people, raise money, and increase donor satisfaction. 

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Recruiting and Onboarding

Cast a wider net for candidates and increase engagement by hosting virtual recruiting events that sizzle. Executives can join and woo candidates from anywhere. Elevate your onboarding process to make every employee feel welcome.

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Always-Open Rooms

Enjoy the convenience of virtual rooms where your people can come together to do everything from casual conversation to more formal meetings and strategy sessions.

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Interactive Training

Get full engagement and focus during your training sessions on Preciate Social. With natural movement and an emphasis on real connections, improve retention and efficiency.

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Make Your Socials Special

Reward your team, impress customers, and attract top talent by hosting virtual socials that are a cut above the rest. We make it easy with music playlists, themes, live performances, speakers, and activities. 

No other virtual socializing platform has licensed music playlists. We have 20 playlists (and growing). Choose a playlist, and everyone enjoys the music. It's that easy.

Musicians, speakers, and performers have a unique crowd feedback view that drives interactivity and performance quality. After they are done performing, your special guest can mingle with guests in the virtual room.


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Easy Entry & Navigation

Join a Social by clicking a link. Take some time in the waiting room to make sure your video and audio are working correctly. Then, enter the Social and begin mingling with your arrow keys. You can also use the map to see where people are located in the virtual room.

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Seamless Invitation Process

Inviting people to a Social is as easy as sharing a link with them. Copy the link and share it via email, text, calendar invite, etc.

Hosts determine privacy settings to prevent anyone from entering without the proper permissions.


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Integrated with Preciate Recognition

Without ever leaving the Social, you can give recognition to Preciate users or directly to performers. Teams can have social events centered around giving recognition. Take your social, relationship-building experience to the next level with the power of recognition.


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Preciate Social in the News

Word has gotten out about virtual socializing, and people around the world are talking about Preciate Social! 

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Helpful Resources

For a more detailed explanation of Preciate Social and how to use it, check out our Help Center. We go over everything from hosting a Social to giving recognition during a Social.

Want to host a Preciate Social?

Preciate Social is available for free to anyone. Preciate users without a paid license are limited to 40 minute Socials with up to 100 participants.

Please feel free to create Socials with your coworkers, friends, family, etc. Now is the time to connect with the people who matter most, regardless of physical distance. 

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