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Recognition Reports

Understand and improve employee engagement at your company with peer-to-peer recognition data.


Gain Insight with Preciate Reports

Use reports to discover trends at the individual and company level.

Reports give Preciate Admins insight into important business metrics such as employee engagement and performance. Recognition data is particularly good at highlighting findings in this area. For example, it can show you who the culture builders are, who is less engaged, and which company core values are most popular.

Drill down into reports to get more information and use controls to view particular time frames. With Preciate Premium, you can filter reports by location and department. We made Preciate reports so you can have optimal convenience and flexibility.


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Leaderboard reports include top givers of recognition, top receivers of recognition, total company recognitions given over time, and more. These reports can be used to inform any internal reward programs your company may have.

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Individual Activity

Select an employee and view their individual contributions to the recognition program. Are they giving a lot of recognition, but not receiving very much? What kinds of things are they being recognized for?

Looking at individual activity can tell you a lot about employee engagement, strengths, and weaknesses.

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Core Company Values

With our Premium subscription, your company gets a pack of custom core value stickers. These stickers, used in conjunction with recognitions, can be to track core values. See who is giving and receiving the most core value stickers and which sticker is the most popular.

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User Participation

These reports can be used to track the progress of your initial launch as well as any subsequent onboarding. Get information about sign ups over time, who hasn't signed up, and overall number of sign ups. 

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