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Use Preciate Recognition to Increase Employee Engagement, Improve Performance, Showcase Company Culture

Do it all with Preciate Recognition. Give recognition to grow stronger relationships at work and beyond.


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Easy, Effective, and Affordable


Preciate Recognition is built to scale.

Today's C-level Executives, Managers, and HR leaders are busy, and budgets are under pressure. Preciate has all the features that drive real engagement and performance, but at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Why? It's our mission to bring the power of togetherness technology to every company on the planet. As a Certified B Corporation, we are committed to our purpose and the real benefits it brings our clients.

Our modern platform is less complicated, quicker to launch, and easier to afford. 


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Companies improving their culture with Preciate


Active users report stronger relationships


Build Stronger Relationships and Drive Business Results

Increase engagement, improve performance, and attract better talent

Company culture, teamwork, and engagement are driven by relationships. The stronger and deeper relationships are among your employees, co-workers, and partners, the more resilient and effective your business will be. 

Preciate Recognition elevates workplace gratitude to meet the expectations of tomorrow's workforce.



Key Features & Benefits

Give Recognition

Strengthen relationships - the core of a strong culture - by activating the Give-Get cycle of recognition. Simple, fast, and powerful.

Activity Feed & Sharing

Showcase your positive culture to employees, applicants, and customers. Attract and retain better talent. 

Badges, Stickers, and Awards

Reinforce the behaviors and traits that matter to your company. Our common sense approach avoids points and prizes that reduce intrinsic motivation. 

One-Click Integrations

Recognition happens where your people already interact. We have integrations for Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Insightful Reports

Understand how performance and engagement are driven by recognition. See team dynamics, trends, and leaderboards.

Simple Administration

Curate your recognition program to be exactly what you want. Manage who sees what and when across your entire organization.

Privacy Settings & Controls

We take you and your company's privacy very seriously. Use Preciate's controls to ensure your program is as secure as you need it to be.

Mobile Friendly

Get the full Preciate Recognition experience wherever you go with our iOS and Android app. Especially helpful for frontline workers.

Integrated with Our Virtual Meeting and Event Platform

Preciate provides a new way to socialize online. Give and receive recognition while attending a virtual event or meeting from anywhere!

Single Sign On

Our simple sign on process is even easier than SSO. Choose between Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Sign on with the click of a button.

Active Directory

Use a secret key to connect Preciate with your Azure Portal. Then, users in your Active Directory will automatically update in Preciate.

Intranet & TV Displays

Use a snippet of code to display a live feed of recognition wherever you want. Add the code to your organization's intranet or website. Then, display the feed on a TV or monitor in the office.


Get Preciate Recognition for your team to increase engagement and improve performance.

Request a live demo with a Preciate team member, or go ahead and start a free trial to see how Preciate Recognition could work for your team.


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Easy Administration

Preciate's Admin portal was built to make your job as easy as possible. Simple invitation process, quick customization, and robust privacy settings. Make your recognition program the way you want it to be.


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Gain Key Insights with Recognition Reports

Preciate's Recognition Reports give you insight into key business metrics such as employee engagement, performance, and retention prediction. For this reason, peer-to-peer recognition data is some of the most valuable data for teams and companies. 


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Preciate recognition leaderboard report

More Resources to Help

For a more detailed explanation of Preciate Recognition and how to use it, check out our Help Center. We go over everything from signing up and getting started to pricing and onboarding.


Recognition for Everyone

For Companies, Organizations, and Teams of Any Size. Anywhere.

Whether it's health care, construction, education, manufacturing, or services, today's most valuable people want their work to have meaning and their relationships at work to be strong.

The Preciate team makes products that are simple, affordable, and scalable

Giving recognition strengthens relationships and makes people happier. Our pricing model, including a unique Forever Free tier, enables everyone on the planet to grow stronger relationships with Preciate Recognition - regardless of financial circumstances. 

Here are some use cases of Preciate:
  • Global Enterprises / Fortune 500

  • Educational Institutions / Universities

  • Non-Profits / Social Impact Groups

  • Government Agencies / Groups

  • Teams and Departments

  • Small Businesses

  • Friends and Family

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Preciate has helped our teams and employees get closer by making it fun and easy for them to give recognition to peers. The apps are easy to use, modern, and fun. And we love the core values stickers that represent who we really are.
Seth Streeter
CEO, Mission Wealth
I use Preciate on my team, which is comprised of a bunch of energetic sales people. They like the badges, how easy the software is to use, and also the fact that Portraits stay with them. Preciate helps us practice how to build rapport and relationships with peers and among employees, which is critical in high-performing sales organization. Preciate was easy to get started, too.
alfred arias headshot
Alfred Arias
Inside Sales, Tanium
A quick and easy way to share appreciation and feedback in the moment! Love the ability to "scroll" the wall and see all the amazing things happening throughout the company. In a company with multiple locations, it helps me feel more connected to the buzz.
Kalahan Slette
Clinical Operations Specialist, Team Movement for Life

Ready to grow your company culture with Preciate Recognition?

Build stronger workplace relationships with the power of recognition. 

Get a live demo from a Preciate team member to learn more about options for your company.  


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