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Showcase, Inspire, Engage, Reflect, Motivate

Preciate uniquely assembles recognitions given and received into Portraits, yours to share how you choose. 

Showcase Your Best with Portraits

Preciate Portraits are a unique feature that come free with Preciate's recognition system. Recognitions, both given and received, are compiled on a collage-style web page. Every company has a Portrait, and each individual user has their own Portrait.

Privacy settings give you ultimate control over if, when, and how you decide to share a Portrait. Display company culture internally or show it to the world when you're ready.  



Safety, Security, and Privacy

We understand the critical importance of looking after you and your information. 

That's why you are always in control of your Portrait. 

By default, Preciate Portraits are set to private. Individual Portraits will only be visible to connections and coworkers. Company Portraits will only be visible to validated employees. 

As your Portrait becomes more developed over time, you may decide to make it public. At that point, you can use our content management and publishing controls to get benefits like attracting talent while maintaining security of confidential information.

Company Portraits

Every company with a Preciate member gets a Portrait - a window into the best of your company's emotional culture. Our Premium subscription offers custom Portrait design, content controls, and more.

Whether it's looking on Glassdoor, Reddit, or social media, prospective employees want to know what it's like to work for your company. Why not make it easy for them?

Leveraging peer-to-peer recognition to tell the story of your positive culture through a Preciate Company Portrait is simple, cost-effective, and low maintenance. Promoting a culture of recognition also improves performance and engagement


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Individual Portraits

As a user of Preciate you get an individual Portrait, whether or not your company has a paid subscription. All the recognitions you have given and received are assembled on a single page for your convenience. Portraits capture the best of you.

Keep recognitions forever. Share with friends, family, and coworkers. Gain insight into trends with your relationships.

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