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Explore Preciate's Integrations 

From workspace communication apps to email extensions, discover all that Preciate has to offer.

Preciate has created a variety of integrations to make your recognition program as customizable as possible. Wherever you and your team are, Preciate can be there, too. 


Create your ideal recognition program with Preciate

Preciate has a variety of integrations in addition to the web and mobile applications. This allows you and your company to create the recognition program they've always dreamed of - for a fraction of the cost.

Microsoft Teams

Increase engagement with Preciate for MSTeams

Use Preciate Microsoft Teams application to get the full recognition experience. Give and receive recognition, view Portraits, add connections, and more. Motivate your team with a live feed of all the good being recognized around them.


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Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 11.37.59 AM
How To Sign In & Give Recognition with Preciate's MSTeams Application

Quick tutorial to learn how to sign up and give recognition within minutes

How To Use Preciate's Peer-to-Peer Recognition App on Microsoft Teams

More in depth look at Preciate's MSTeams application, from the tabs to the connector.


Appreciate your team from the convenience of Slack

With Preciate's Slack integration, you and your team and feel the good vibes of giving and receiving recognition without ever leaving your Slack workspace. It's easy and efficient.


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How To Use Preciate's Peer-to-Peer Recognition App for Slack

Watch this tutorial to learn the basics of using Preciate's Slack integration.

Active Directory (SCIM)

Let us manage your Preciate users

By generating a secret key, you can connect your list of Preciate users to an existing Active Directory in your Azure Portal. Users will automatically be added or taken out of your company in Preciate as they do in the directory.

Available for companies with a paid subscription.

active directory graphic

Single Sign On (SSO)

Sign in with the click of a button

Preciate has a sign in flow that uses technology very similar to the single sign on process. This gives you the ability to sign up for an account and log in by simply clicking a button. Choose from Google, Apple, or Microsoft depending on what email you want associated with your account.

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Put Preciate where you want it

Display a live feed of recognition in your organization's intranet by simply copying and pasting a short snippet of code.

preciate intranet on laptop

Live Display (TV)

Display recognition to boost motivation

Public praise has been shown to increase motivation. Spread the good vibes being produced with your recognition program. Simply use a snippet of code on a webpage or intranet feed and display it on a monitor wherever you want.

activity feed on tv gif

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