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Accelerate your business with stronger relationships, powered by the world's leading Social Presence® virtual meeting and event platform.



Foster Friendship with Dynamic Virtual Meetings and Events

Preciate Social is a revolutionary platform for virtual meetings and events, geared towards dynamic human experiences and relationship-building.


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80% Report Growing Closer on Preciate

Enable sidebar and hallway conversations -- in your virtual meetings -- and create opportunities for attendees to build relationships. Patent-pending Social PresenceTM technology replicates the atmosphere of real-life interactions with natural movement, dynamic audio, and personalized rooms.

Create Meaningful Connections with Recognition

Increase engagement, improve performance, and showcase positive culture with Preciate Recognition. Activate the give-get cycle without gimmicks and build stronger, more resilient teams.


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Build Strong, Meaningful Working Relationships

Preciate Recognition is optimized to encourage authentic leadership and avoids the pitfalls of prize and gimmick-oriented recognition programs. We make it easy for your people to give recognition with integrations and apps for all major platforms.

We Are a Purpose-Driven Company.

Preciate's purpose is to help people initiate and grow stronger, deeper, and more meaningful relationships in their lives. No matter who you are, having strong relationships is foundational to both personal happiness and career success.

It's More Than a Business for Us

As a public benefit corporation, our aim is to do business while doing good. This includes supporting our community, protecting the environment, advancing good governance, and benchmarking ourselves against the best companies in the world.


Preciate Is for Everyone. 

Everyone everywhere deserves to experience the power of human connection.

People want their lives to have meaning and their relationships to be strong. We believe everyone should have the best possible opportunity to make this a reality.

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People are talking about Preciate. From high-quality virtual socializing to employee recognition, there's a lot of awesome stuff to talk about. Check out the news articles featuring Preciate to learn more about what people are saying.

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