Work Has Changed Forever

More people working remotely. Dispersed teams. Reduced travel and events. The world needs a platform dedicated to building strong relationships and engagement no matter where people work.

Congratulations. You've found the future of relationship-building.


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Jumpstart Team Building

Host fun and engaging virtual socials and give recognition -- all on one simple, innovative platform.

Our mission is to help people build stronger, deeper relationships in the workplace because friendships and trust make all of us happier, more productive, and more successful.

Stronger workplace relationships have been shown to...

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Improve performance

  • Boost intrinsic motivation

  • Improve company retention

  • And much more


Increase Engagement from Anywhere with Preciate Social

Preciate Social is a virtual socializing platform for businesses and teams. Social was built from the ground up to provide a fully immersive experience that replicates the atmosphere of real-life business socials and mixers. 

Socialize. Remotely. Free.

Designed for the purpose of socializing, team building, and fun, its social presence technology makes you feel like you’re moving through 3D space instead of staring at a 2D screen and enables the expression of social signals and cues by allowing you to move away or toward people to start a conversation, hear the background noise of other people chatting and give toasts.


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See the difference for yourself

Watch our video to get a sense for the Preciate Social experience. People love attending Socials because it feels like real life. Have sidebar conversations, listen to music together, make a toast, and more.


Improve Performance with Preciate Recognition

Preciate's peer-to-peer recognition system is built to optimize your ability to build strong, authentic relationships and increase performance and motivation. Plus, it integrates with your existing systems. That's why we have members in over 1,700 companies around the world.

Easy, Effective, and Affordable

Preciate is one of the most affordable digital recognition solutions. With the free tier, anyone can get access to Preciate to give and receive recognition. For companies or teams who want features like reporting, paid subscriptions with Preciate cost about the same as a pizza party.


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Benefits of Preciate Recognition

In this video, we go over the three main benefits of using Preciate's recognition to run your employee recognition program. Increase engagement, improve performance, and attract better talent with a culture of appreciation.



We are a purpose-driven company.

Preciate was created with the core purpose of helping others build stronger, more authentic relationships. Our original research shows the positive benefits of relationships on our happiness at work and beyond. No matter where you are, having strong, authentic connections with other people is powerful and beneficial. 

Becoming a Certified B Corporation

Preciate went through the rigorous B Corp certification process because we believe business can be used as a force for good. Our purpose is at the center of everything we do, and we are committed to making the powerful benefits of stronger relationships a reality for our users. 

Everything from our pricing model to our latest product release, Preciate Social, speaks to the importance of our company mission at Preciate. As the leaders of the togetherness technology movement, we understand the benefit of human connection for powering prosperity. Jumpstart wealth on every level: friendship, emotional wellbeing, monetary success, and more. 


Preciate is for Everyone. 

Everyone everywhere deserves to experience the power of human connection.

People want their lives to have meaning and their relationships to be strong. We believe everyone should have the best possible opportunity to make this a reality.

That's why Preciate makes products that are simple, affordable, and scalable

Giving recognition strengthens relationships and makes people happier. Virtual socialization and having shared experiences also helps people to strengthen their connections with each other. Our pricing model, including a unique Forever Free tier, enables everyone on the planet to grow together with Preciate - regardless of financial circumstances. 

Here are some of the use cases for Preciate:
  • Global Enterprises / Fortune 500

  • Educational Institutions / Universities

  • Non-Profits / Social Impact Groups

  • Government Agencies / Groups

  • Teams and Departments

  • Small Businesses

  • Friends and Family

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Preciate in the News

People are talking about Preciate. From high-quality virtual socializing to employee recognition, there's a lot of awesome stuff to talk about. Check out the news articles featuring Preciate to learn more about what people are saying.

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