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Experience Mobile Recognition, Appreciation, Good Vibes with Preciate

Build stronger relationships from anywhere with Preciate's iOS and Android apps.


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Boost Motivation with Mobile Recognition 

Get the benefits of peer-to-peer recognition wherever you are.

Giving and receiving recognition is a key part of building stronger, more authentic relationships. And strong, supportive relationships are fundamental to human happiness, at work and in life.

Not only that, but research shows the positive effect of recognition on important metrics like employee engagement, performance, and retention. Keep a pulse on your culture wherever you and your team is with Preciate's iOS or Android application.


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Give recognition on the go

Using Preciate's mobile apps, you can give and receive recognition from anywhere - away from your computer, or at the office. This is especially helpful for frontline employees.

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Easily make stronger connections 

Connect with coworkers, consultants, friends, etc. Then, start building stronger relationships with the exchange of recognition. You can also form groups to make it easy to give recognition to more than one person at once. 

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Get inspired with the Activity Feed

Scroll through your Activity Feed to see all the good being recognized around you. Interact with the feed by liking and adding gift stickers as you go. 

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Better understand personal strengths

Earn achievements over time as you receive recognitions with the same badge. Go back and view your growth over time. Take a look at a "just you" feed of recognitions to increase motivation and happiness. Plus, view a summary screen to see strengths, activity level, and profile views. 

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Seamless Integration with Preciate Platform

Preciate's mobile applications fit perfectly into the Preciate platform as a whole. Do everything from giving and receiving recognition to viewing the activity feed and making new connections. Preciate Social, our virtual socialization tool, is not available in the mobile applications at this time.

Teams can use a combination of whatever Preciate applications and integrations they choose to create their ideal program.

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Ready to build stronger relationships from anywhere?

Get a live demo from a Preciate team member and learn more about options for your company.


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