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Administration Made Simple, Efficient, Gratifying, Painless

Preciate's Admin Portal is designed specifically to make your job a whole lot easier.



Your Easiest Admin Role Yet

With Preciate's Admin portal, it's simpler and faster than ever to launch a successful employee recognition program at your company. 

When you're introducing new technology to your company, you want to make sure everything is going to be as smooth as possible. We get that. 

In fact, we build the Preciate Admin portal to make your job as easy as possible, while making you look like a pro. From the initial setup and launch to analytics and reports, the Admin portal has it all.

Member Management

So easy it doesn't feel right to call it management. Invite members for smooth and easy onboarding. View pending invitations and change member roles when needed.


Preciate reports give you all the information you need to know about your recognition program, both on the individual and company level. To learn more about reports, visit this page. 

Portrait Controls

Go ahead and make changes to customize your company's Portrait. These updates include adding a logo, cover photo, and description. 

Create Badge Set

Preciate comes with 27 standard badges, and Premium members can use custom badges. As the Admin, create a set of badges to design and map your culture.

Privacy & Controls

Determine your company's privacy, Portrait, and activity feed settings. Create your ultimate employee recognition system with a few simple toggles.

Active Directory & Live Feed

Preciate Admins have access to their company's active directory integration secret key as well as the code to produce a live feed of recognition wherever you want. 

Become the Ultimate Company Culture Champion


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Map and Track Company Values

Design a badge set that maps onto your company's core values. Choose from Preciate's list of 27 badges, or get custom badges with our Premium offering. These badges are then used with each recognition to help you track important behaviors.

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No-Nonsense Onboarding Process

Invite employees to Preciate individually or by simply uploading a CSV with their information. Quickly view any pending invitations and change member roles when needed. For ultimate ease, use the Active Directory integration to have users automatically added and taken out of Preciate as employees come and go from the company.


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Seamless Customization

Preciate makes it easy for you to embrace your company's culture and brand with your employee recognition program. Add a logo, description, and cover photo to your company Portrait. Get custom core value stickers with our Premium offering. Use settings to determine what users see on the activity feed, on the Portrait, and more.

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Your Privacy is Paramount

Preciate provides simple ways for you to set and update any settings related to your company's privacy. Settings default to the most conservative options.



Trust is absolutely fundamental to our core purpose of building stronger, more authentic relationships. 

As a Certified B Corporation, we take the commitment to our mission and therefore your privacy very seriously. In fact, it is the most important part of our business. 

Click to learn more about Preciate's safety and security measures.

Gain Key Insights with Reports

Preciate Admins have access to the reporting suite where they can see everything from company-wide leaderboards to individual activity. 

If your company has an internal reward program, Preciate reports can be used to inform the winners of those rewards. They can also give Admins a sense of key business metrics such as employee engagement and performance.


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